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Support Elk Grove Food Bank Services

The push is continues in Elk Grove for the “Fall Harvest Food and Clothing Drive” for Elk Grove Food Bank Services …..For the last 15 days and up until October 27th local businesses have been collecting food  and clothing donations to fill the empty shelves at EGFBS……As we approach the holiday season the need for help continues and you can really make a difference in the lives of some of those desperate for help with one easy step------Support your local businesses and donate if you can.

Free Catalytic Converter Etching Event

Catalytic converter thefts have been in the news for some time------apparently there’s some decent money in it for thieves but the Elk Grove Police Department is doing what it can to cut down on the crime…..This week---Thursday, October 23rd, the EGPD is partnering with Jiffy Lube for a free Catalytic converter etching event… The event is called “Etch and Catch and your vehicle’s license plate number will be etched onto your catalytic converter..…It’s happening at 9611 Auto Center Drive from 5pm to 7pm----there will be a second event on Sunday, November 2nd from 12pm to 2pm   




Fatal Accident In Elk Grove

Elk Grove Police had to briefly close the intersection of Elk Grove Blvd and Bruceville Road last night about 10 pm after a fatal accident there……..An unidentified man dressed in dark clothing ran across the road from north to south in a marked crosswalk when he was hit by a tow truck……The tow truck driver immediately pulled over and called 911-----the victim was taken by medical personnel to the hospital where he died---he’s yet to be identified…..The tow truck driver was not injured in the collision and alcohol doesn’t appear to be a factor but the investigation continues.

School Board Candidate Forum

It certainly doesn’t get the attention of a city council race but right now the campaign is underway for a seat on the Elk Grove Unified School District board……..Trustee Jeanette Amavisca has been on the board for three decades but she’s leaving the Trustee Area 2 spot open and four people are running for it…….Tim Gorsulowsky, James Letoa, Nick Webster, and Dr. Crystal Martinez-Alire all are vying for your vote November 4th----they will be taking part in a candidate forum Thursday night, October 16th, 7pm at the Cosumnes Community Services District headquarters at 8820 Elk Grove Blvd.

Pot Bust In Elk Grove

Elk Grove Police in conjunction with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Yolo County Narcotics Enforcement Team made a big pot bust last week arresting 11 people and seizing more than 2400 plants and 20 pounds of processed marijuana……..Two of the arrests happened at a house on the 10200 block of Vespas Way in Elk Grove where close to 400 plants were  discovered…….The 11 people arrested will face conspiracy and marijuana cultivation charges after being booked at the Sacramento County Jail.    


Early Go Ahead For The Outlet Collection

The Elk Grove city council has approved a new agreement for development of an outlet mall in the south part of the city………By a 3-0 vote (Mayor Gary Davis wasn’t there and councilman Pat Hume recused himself) the council gave the go ahead for what will be called The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove…..It will be located just west of Highway 99 near Kammerer Road-----You will take the Grant Line Road exit of the freeway to get there…….The project will included close to 100 stores-----a dozen or so restaurant type facilities----and a multi-screen movie complex……..While many Elk Grove residents anxiously await the new shopping location there may be litigation that could mean delays--- the owners of some nearby property (almost 200 acres) aren’t pleased with the new agreement and what it could mean for their development plans---they will likely go to court to make their case.


Finals At Cosumnes Oaks High School

It may be hard to believe but the first quarter of the academic year for high school students is just about over………Today and tomorrow at Cosumnes Oaks High School in the Elk Grove Unified School district the Wolfpack students will be taking their final exams…….It’s a blessing and a curse-----the school year goes quickly, which is nice, but at the same time it seems each week there’s either a quiz or test to go along with the homework…….Still----it is a great way for the students to prepare for what’s at the next academic level when the challenges will be even greater----in most cases at least.