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Embassy openings give Cuban-Americans hope

The Cuban flag was raised above the once shuttered embassy in Washington D.C. Monday, marking the restoration of diplomatic relations.

The tension between Cuba and the U.S. outlived the Cold War, lasting 54 years. That is longer than Dr. Jose Acosta-Cuevas has been alive. During the pomp and circumstance of the flag raising ceremony, Acosta-Cuevas was seeing patients at his Elk Grove dental practice.

"In Cuba, I had one bicycle and there I worked for the government," he said. "I didn't have any opportunities at all."

Acosta-Cuevas considers himself lucky. His education afforded him the opportunity to come to the United States.

New Asst. City Manager Found in Elk Grove's Backyard

New Asst. City Manager Found in Elk Grove's Backyard

In its search for a new Assistant City Manager, the City of Elk Grove had to look no further than to its southern neighbor Galt.Elk Grove's new AssistantCity Manager, Jason Behrmann. 
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Elk Grove police need help in identifying two burglary suspects

ID=30255421The Elk Grove Police Department needs help in identifying two people who were captured on surveillance cameras breaking into two separate Elk Grove businesses earlier this week.

The department's spokesperson, officer Christopher Trim, said that the two burglaries happened on July 10 and July 13.

On July 10 at 3:15 a.m, the suspects were seen entering into Bull Wings on 9625 E. Stockton Boulevard. They pried open through the patio door and gained access into a locked office where they removed an undisclosed amount of money, according to Trim.

Drought and water-supply experts list for 2015

Drought and water-supply experts list for 2015

Experts from the University of California, Davis, are available to media to discuss the drought and water-supply issues affecting California.

DROUGHT AND WILDFIRES Wildfire, climate and plant communities

Mark Schwartz, director of the John Muir Institute of the Environment, can discuss the impact of climate change on wildfires, as well as where and when plant communities are predicted to exhibit stress as a consequence of unusual climatic conditions, including wildfire. His work to help better predict fire behavior and forest vulnerabilities informs decisions about fire management, including prescribed fire, fuels reduction, and management responses to wildfire events. Contact: Mark Schwartz, John Muir Institute of the Environment, (530) 752-0671, mwschwartz@ucdavis.edu.

AGRICULTURAL IMPACTS Economic impact on agriculture and consumers

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Small dog beaten to death, left inside a barbecue in Elk Grove

A man was arrested Wednesday night for beating a dog to death at a home south of Sheldon Road, according to Elk Grove police.

Officer Chris Trim said police arrested Jesse Tom, 29, after chasing him through several backyards near his home on Paulhaus Way.

Crowd protests Confederate Flag outside Elk Grove store

ELK GROVE - The battle over the Confederate Flag came to an unlikely place: Elk Grove.

Wild Bill's Old West Trading Company store has the flag hanging from it's ceiling. Store management said they're doing it because it's their constitutionally-protected right to do so, and, they said, they've seen that right taken away from others connected to that flag.

The flag was flying outside the store earlier this week, but has now been moved inside.

Store manager Jacob Shockley said the reaction has been strong, both for and against. Protesters were outside the store parking lot late this morning to confront store management.

Firefighters responding to a growing grass fire near Elk Grove


The Cosumnes Fire Department, which serves the cities of Elk Grove and Galt, said its crews responded to a grass fire in the 1400 block of Calvine Road just after 11 a.m. Wednesday.

At about 12:15 p.m. the department reported the 57-acre fire had been contained and 25 homes were saved. Two outbuildings were damaged by the flames. Preliminary investigation suggested that the fire was caused by a riding lawnmower according to Cosumnes fire chief.

Firefighters evacuated homes along Chester Drive while crews cleaned up the scene.